Rescuing the impoverished children of Haiti.

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Source of Life Ministries strives to provide a safe and loving environment for impoverished children rescued from the streets of Haiti’s capital city and suburbs. By providing a Christ-centered spiritual foundation, a good education, emotional support, life-sustaining food and modern conveniences in a comfortable home, it is the goal of this ministry to raise these children with a heart for their country and its people. Through the development of life skills, compassion and a drive to enact change, these children can grow to make a positive impact on the future of their nation.


It is this ministry’s vision that these children will learn to love their nation and see that they can have a good life in Haiti. We hope that they will grow and learn and be successful and that they will reach out to other children and teach them the same values. When given a proper start, they can bring about change in their country and lay a path toward prosperity. 

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From Our Founder

I wish to thank everyone who has visited and financially supported Source of Life Ministries; I look forward to continuing to work with you.  Without your support, I would never be able to complete the call of God to work with children and to continue to impact more lives moving forward.  We continue to need more partners to come alongside SLM;  please share your experiences and your love for this ministry with others! Every effort and every dollar given to this cause is helping to transform people for eternity! 

– Jacques Merine


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Continuing Education

From time to time, we mention that many of our children will not graduate from high school as early as teens here in the USA. That can happen when a child did not have the opportunity to begin school at the proper age. Other causes can be difficulty in learning or the...

13th Anniversary: Reminiscing & Pressing Forward

In 2009, Jacques Merine and his younger brother, Jean, co-founded the Source of Life safe house with ten children, officially opening the doors on February 6th. Today on this 13th Anniversary, we are recalling some of the ministry’s milestones and honoring God for His...

Sustained by God’s Faithfulness

As I stand at the beginning of this New Year, I want to express thanks to you and honor God for His faithfulness. In spite of all the devastation the nation of Haiti experienced in 2021, my first priority is to praise God for His goodness. Our children and staff have...


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