In 2009, Jacques Merine and his younger brother, Jean, co-founded the Source of Life safe house with ten children, officially opening the doors on February 6th. Today on this 13th Anniversary, we are recalling some of the ministry’s milestones and honoring God for His faithful and watchful eye over the ministry He called into being! 

Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.

Isaiah 25:1

Divine Connections

  • First Lori Uhl (working in HR at the Littlestown cabinet factory) introduced Jacques to Calvary Assembly of God (They committed sizeable amounts of money and labor to begin the work.) and to Pastor Vern Annis (He later became Jacques’ ministry coach through ThirstySouls Ministries.). 
  • Afterward God crossed Jacques and Jean’s path with Pastor Jeff Riedel (Haitian Christian Projects) when they stayed at the Haitian guest house he managed, having no idea they would establish a church on the SLM property.
  • God also brought together businessmen and tradesmen: Vince Liples to oversee building projects; Joe Luers and Chris Brosey to design a sophisticated system for water and solar electricity.

Tragedy and Pain

  • Less than a year after opening, (during the January 12, 2010 earthquake), the first safe house swayed back and forth until its walls cracked and became an unsafe dwelling. But everyone safely escaped!
  • On the night of April 29, 2012, Jean was tragically shot, succumbing to his injuries the next morning. The hearts of Jean’s wife, children, his extended family, and Source of Life children and staff were broken, but God strengthened Jacques to persevere and continue the ministry without his co-leader.
  • Heartbreak touched the ministry again when the life of Fanèse (Myian) Cineus, sister of Marie Merine, was cut short by cancer on January 23, 2015. She was an original staff member and had led the safe home after Jean’s passing; she will always be remembered for her compassion and selfless life.
  • Travel for work and ministry teams had to be paused after November 1, 2018 because of political instability and gangs controlling the streets surrounding the capital city. 
  • Jacques was evacuated by air from the home on February 17, 2019 and was only able to make another brief trip in July of that year. Since that time, he has managed the home through daily phone calls and text messages.

Had God not made these divinely orchestrated connections, SLM would not have been birthed and developed into the organization it is today! Though the ministry has experienced more than its “fair share” of difficulty, God’s power and faithfulness have enabled the ministry to endure and press forward!

Ministry Advances

Today Source of Life Ministries is home to nineteen children, rescued from the streets of Haiti’s capital and suburbs and being prepared to influence their nation. They are being raised by loyal staff

  • in a safe, loving environment,
  • benefiting from a Christ-centered spiritual foundation, 
  • receiving a good education, 
  • emotional support, 
  • life-sustaining food and 
  • modern conveniences. 

Two of the 4+ acre property is surrounded by a 10’ wall and contain the dormitories, dining hall, kitchen, church, children’s church pavilion, and guest house in progress. The additional lot is set aside for future projects and is currently being used to produce vegetables for the home. Fifteen godly men and women work either full-time or part-time to care for the children, church, and property. The community is being reached with the Gospel of Jesus, and the most vulnerable families in the church are receiving food each month.

Message from Jacques Merine

Please continue to pray for Haiti. We know the devil does not like to see people’s lives being transformed. Our goal is to strengthen the community and break the back of Voodoo in that area. I truly believe we will prevail by the grace of God and look forward to the day we can travel again to continue working for the glory of God!

I want to thank everyone for the support you have given for the past 13 years. This ministry could not exist without your good, tender hearts!

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