SOL Update from Jacques

We are grateful to announce this wonderful use to you!!!

Our God is a God of second chances, can I get an amen? Source of Life Ministries is a home for children who have been given a second chance at life in Haiti. Our children are gathered together in a home with electricity, running water, a security wall, and loving staff. They have access to food, their own beds, clothes, shoes, an education (with their own books and supplies), transportation, and regular exposure to church, prayer, and worship. Our ministry attempts to give a chance for new beginnings.

When the home opened, most of the children were a bit older, around 8 years or older. For Haitian children who are fortunate enough to attend, school begins at age 3. This meant that our children would all be starting several grades behind their ages. Over the years, we’ve tried, when possible, to accept younger children so they will have a better chance at school (think Esther, Naika, and Farleine as examples.) However, there are circumstances where we will accept older children, Tafana for example

As we mentioned in the post about the water pump, our relationship with Pastor Jeff Riedel of Haitian Christian Projects is one that we cherish. His ministry has blessed Source of Life abundantly in the name of Christ and we are grateful.

Another project that Pastor Jeff helped oversee in Haiti was an orphanage. With the lack of ability for the administrators to travel there in recent years, the decision was made to close the orphanage. As the children were placed, it came down to one little boy who did not have a place to go.

We are so thankful that Pastor Jeff thought of Source of Life Ministries’ work to open doors for children. He called Jacques last week and asked if we might be able to take in the young man. The answer was a hearty yes, friends!

We are honored to introduce you to Stanley François, a 9 year old boy whose life, by the grace of God, is about to change. He has a place to belong, a home, and he will begin school this year!

Please join us in praying for Stanley as he settles into life at the home. We pray that his mind will be opened to learning so he will be able to do well in school despite getting a late start. Please pray that his heart will be opened to the Lord as he learns more about the God of second chances. 

May God continue to bless and your family,

Jacques Merine