A message from the Source of Life attorney in Haiti prompted Jacques to hire workers recently to give the outside of the safe home a new coat of paint. Typically teams from the USA cover the cost of the paint and provide the labor, but work teams have not been able to travel to the home since 2018. In the meantime, the sun and heat have been causing a lot of the paint to peel.

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Why a message from the attorney about paint?

On Feb 14 this year, a fire at an orphanage in Haiti tragically took the lives of 15 young children. The orphanage, located in the Kenscoff area outside Port-au-Prince, was reportedly using candles since they had no form of electricity operating. Attorney Michel advised Jacques to make sure he keeps the appearance of the safe home in tip-top shape because Social Services in Haiti is now being much more particular when they inspect children’s homes.

It should be noted that there is almost nothing that is similar between the Source of Life safe home and the orphanage that burned! The orphanage had lost its accreditation after failing social service inspections in 2012, yet they continued to operate. Pictures and videos show that the Kenscoff orphanage was dirty inside, had piles of trash in rooms and hallways, was overcrowded, and lacked mattresses on some of the children’s beds while the parent organization in the USA reported revenue of over $6 million dollars.

The Source of Life safe home is a beautiful home although the sun brutally attacks the paint on the outside of the buildings. The home has been described by teams as a “little oasis and a source of hope.” 

  • Because of many solar panels, batteries, inverters, and a generator, there is electricity in the home 24/7. 
  • Two wells on the property provide treated running water for the bathrooms and kitchens. This is “unheard of” in Haiti!!
  • The children are housed in spacious rooms with nice beds and closets for many sets of clothing for each child. 
  • Staff members love God and are committed to following Biblical principles; they love and nurture the children and prepare nutritious meals for them.  
  • The property is kept clean inside and outside. 

In the past, Social Services has told Jacques they do not view the home as an orphanage; instead, they see it as a “pansyon,” the Creole name of a home where rich children live!

In order to retain favor with social services, it was important for the work on the outside walls to be completed now. Haitian workers were hired to scrape the previous layer of paint and then give the walls a fresh coat of paint. The annual budget for the safe home did not include amounts for labor and paint since that is usually provided by a work team visiting the home.  On top of that, the cost of paint has increased by 43% compared to when it was purchased in 2018!

None of us can currently travel to Haiti, but we can still help with the paint project by praying and giving financially if possible. Pray for God’s continued favor upon Source of Life Ministries during social service visits to the safe home. Our goal is always to do everything with excellence for the glory of God. Total cost for paint and labor was $580 (Paint & supplies: $330; Labor: $240). 

If you desire to give financially toward the costs, you may identify your gift as “paint project,” and mail it to our office or give online through our website. https://sourceoflifeministries.com/

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