– A message from our Director, Jacques Merine:

About three years ago, Esther was able to obtain a visa, allowing her to legally enter the United States as a visitor. This past summer, she planned her third trip to visit family members here in the U.S. On July 11, Esther entered the U.S., looking forward to spending four weeks away from the violence and gangs in Haiti but having no idea that Opportunity would very quickly knock at her door.

Haiti’s president had been assassinated on July 7, and members of the U.S. government quickly began calling on the Biden administration to make changes to the Haitian immigration policy. The result was an announcement by the Department of Homeland Security, saying that anyone from Haiti who has been physically present in the U.S. since August 3, 2021 may be eligible to register for Temporary Protected Status and legally remain in the U.S. until February 3, 2023.

“TPS is a temporary immigration status granted to eligible individuals from designated countries who are unable to return home safely due to conditions or circumstances in their home countries.”

After praying and seeking advice, Esther made the decision to accept this unexpected opportunity and will be staying here in the U.S. for a period of time. Currently, she is living in Philadelphia with her brother and sister.

Esther was one of the original employees of Source of Life Ministries since we opened the children’s home in February 2009. She was a mother to our children; they are going to miss her very much, especially the youngest children because they were very close to her. She knew what size clothing and shoes every one of the children wore! She spent a lot of time doing all the girls’ hair, cleaning, and taking the children to appointments.

I want to thank Esther for her hard work for so many years at Source of Life.  She was always a very good, dependable and honest employee, and she will be greatly missed!

Please help me congratulate Esther on her new life here in the U.S. We pray and hope it will be successful. May God continue to bless every step she takes!

A Bit of Humor

I do hope she will be able to handle the weather in Pennsylvania; it will be a little different than in Haiti! I hope she has the scarf Nerlande made for the trip she made a couple years ago; she will need it.

God bless you Esther!

– Jacques Merine