Can you call 911 in Haiti?

Answer: No

It is hard for most of us to understand the poor state of Haiti’s infrastructure, and what does a Haitian do in an emergency when “911” does not exist?

As our pictures show, there is a wall and gates around our children’s home. THAT is our “911.” If you watch the titles of news articles we post on Facebook, you know that Haiti has become more and more dangerous over the past few years.

Starting a Wall

In 2013, our Source of Life children’s safe home moved west of Port-au-Prince to a secluded area in Gressier a couple of miles from what could be termed “the main road.” The location was perfect for raising children away from the filth and danger of the capital city of Haiti. At first, the dormitories sat in the middle of an open area. There were almost no neighbors, and our children had plenty of wide-open space to run and play!

Wall 2013 & 2015

Though it may surprise you to know, Haiti has a Department of Social Services, and they are quite active in giving guidelines to the children’s homes in Haiti. In 2015, under clear instructions from Social Services, Source of Life complied and began to build a 7 ft. wall around the original property.

Completing the wall did not happen quickly. In fact, the work was actually not finished until 2018, and it became a source of security and even comfort. In hindsight, it might be fair to say that the wall was completed just in time. No one could have predicted the chaos that would begin to take over Haiti in 2018. Gang activity has greatly increased in the country, and it became increasingly evident that a 7-foot wall was not enough to protect our children’s home in today’s circumstances.

Increasing the Wall

The area surrounding the home has gradually increased with neighbors, and there are many more people passing by the home than when we moved there in 2013. Can you imagine living in a nation where there is NO ONE to call for help if a break-in is experienced? Our children and staff need to live in safety!

Door to church

A decision was made recently to begin to raise the height of the wall as funds allow and add razor wire to the top in the future. The work was started at the front of the property with 3-5 feet being added little by little to the area of the main gate and church entrance. Note: the ground is not level; therefore it is necessary to add varying amounts so that the top of the wall is even.

Recently an anonymous donor helped make it possible to begin increasing the height of the wall between the church and the empty lot. A portion of that wall has been raised from 7 feet to 10-1/2 feet high. We are grateful for the help. As God makes it possible, our goal is to increase the height of the wall surrounding the remaining 2-1/2 sides of the children’s home. 

This is our “911!”

Helping with the Wall

If God nudges your heart to help with this project,

  • contributions can be made on our website through ThirstySouls Ministry:

  • or mailed to our office at this address:

TSM/Source of Life Ministries
c/o Jacques Merine, Founder
P.O. Box 96
Hanover, PA 17331

Be sure to designate your gift with the word “Wall” so that it is applied to the correct project. Thank you for giving, praying and caring about the safety of our children and staff. May God bless you!