When considering the magnitude of devastation that Haiti has been experiencing, Source of Life Ministries could sit back and say, “We are a small ministry with limited resources; how can we help when such wide-scale trauma is being faced?”

Where would a small ministry begin to try to help their fellow Haitians? That answer became very easy to answer when our director, Jacques Merine received two separate messages: one from Guerby who is one of the older boys in our children’s safe home and a second message from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The message from Guerby brought tears to Jacques’ eyes. Guerby is 21 years old and has just finished 11th grade. However eleven and ½ years ago, he had never been to school and was usually left on his own to find food and most often received meals by begging or digging through trash piles on the streets of Carrefour. That is, until he became a member of the Source of Life family.

We are seeing the SLM vision unfold in front of our eyes. Guerby’s text to Papi Jacques (a loving term for Dad) was a cry from Guerby’s heart to help people he has never even met – a lesson Guerby said he has learned as he has watched it exhibited by Jacques.

In the midst of gangs “occupying” their country, only 5-1/2 weeks after their president was assassinated in his own bedroom, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, toppling homes and other buildings, then Tropical Depression Grace dumped rain and blew mighty winds against Guerby’s fellow countrymen as they stood outside helpless against the elements pelting them. It was more than his heart could bear.

He felt compelled to take all that he had been saving toward camera equipment (He had the equivalent of $100 USD) and gave it to help. He appealed to Papi Jacques to add some money to what he had saved, and thus, Guerby’s Earthquake Fundraiser was born. Under Jacques’ tutelage, Guerby has already been working together with another organization in Gressier (home town of the children’s home) to buy and package personal items needed on a day-to-day basis by people in the southern town of Les Cayes, Haiti.

Would you honor Guerby’s burden to help by giving a donation that matches some part of his savings? As Guerby said, “Imagine if it were you.” Our goal is to find out how many people will simply match a portion of Guerby’s $100. It could be a $5 donation, $10, or any amount God puts on your heart. Every penny will be used to buy life-sustaining products that will be purchased locally, packaged by Guerby and a group of trusted friends, and then delivered to contacts in the town of Les Cayes, Haiti (one of the areas hit very hard by the earthquake and tropical storm.) SLM takes no % of these funds.

To give, you may simply 

* press the “donate button on Facebook” (Facebook takes NO fees for this service),
* use the “donate button on our website” (www.sourceoflifeministries.com), or
* mail a check or money order to TSM/Source of Life Ministries, c/o Jacques Merine, P.O. Box 96, Hanover, PA 17331.

Because word can be slow arriving today, it would be an added blessing to the people of Les Cayes, Haiti if you would message us through Facebook or send an email to sherry@sourceoflifeministries.com to tell us that you have given toward the fundraiser and to tell us the amount we may expect to arrive. This will enable us to forward the money to Guerby to help more people as quickly as possible.

Watch for our follow-up blog that will share the story and pictures of the homes/families who are being helped in Lamondrit, Haiti by the anonymous donor. 

Source of Life Ministries operates a Safe Home for 18 children and houses a church on a remote piece of land in Gressier, Haiti. The ministry is led by Jacques Merine, a US immigrant from Haiti and operates as a nonprofit ministry under the umbrella of ThirstySouls Ministries, Hanover, PA