A Story from Jacques

Friends, sometimes a person thinks, “I can’t change the world.” Yes, absolutely I agree. No one person can change the entire world. But today I want to tell you an amazing story about someone many of you have already met.  Together we can change one life, and that does impact the world

April 2012 

I remember seeing a lady with a child in her arms at the little gas station in Gressier where my younger brother Jean stopped to get gas. When I asked him, “Who is that lady?” he replied, “Oh she is a homeless person. She has been hanging around this area; apparently she has nowhere else to go.” Jean told me her name was Mamoune and that he had heard good things about her, so I told him to give her some money. 

Fast forward 

In late 2013, when Source of Life moved to our new property in Gressier, Mamoune started showing up at the gate, asking for food. We helped her as much as we could but with great reservation because I didn’t know who she really was. Months went by, and she continued coming and wanting to spend more time at the home. She was always very respectful, never went beyond certain boundaries, didn’t appear to be a threat and never stole anything. Nevertheless, due to Social Service’s regulations, I asked her not to come inside the gate. Still she respectfully persisted in showing up with her little girl. (Later, we found out the baby’s name was Tafana.)

A New Step for Mamoune

Finally, a couple years ago, I decided to hire Mamoune. I could not believe the joy in her eyes when she learned she could work for Source of Life Ministries! She had never been employed before. Another ministry in the Gressier area had built her a little one room house. Now she no longer needed to experience the embarrassment of asking for food and help!

A New Dilemma

Last year, I received a video from Sony, showing that Mamoune’s little house made of plywood had begun to deteriorate. The metal roof was leaking, and water was running across the dirt floor, making it not much different sleeping inside or outside when it rained. When I learned about it, I called Pastor Jeff Riedel of Haitian Christian Projects to tell him about the situation. His first question was, “Does Mamoune own the piece of land where the little house is?” She did not. 

Process Started

Pastor Jeff and his supporters went through the legal process to purchase the piece of land where Mamoune was living, and in late 2020, they hired workers to build a beautiful little cement block house for her. Now she never has to worry when it’s raining, thinking that water is going to wash her and Tafana away. I cannot express the relief, the joy and happiness she has in her heart to know that she is safe with her daughter! Think about it. A formerly homeless mother now owns a piece of land, something the majority of people in Haiti can only dream about. 

Many Thanks

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Pastor Jeff Riedel for his deep involvement with Source of Life Ministries. Now you also have made a significant impact in Mamoune’s life; she never has to be homeless again. On behalf of Mamoune, “Thank You for helping her get on her feet!”

I also want to say thank you once again to all who supported Tafana’s brain surgery this past year. Only in Christ can this kind of love and care be found. All of you are special to Source of Life, and my heart goes out to say thank you! 

Moving Forward

Friends, our work is not finished. I pray that we will be able to start traveling back to Haiti this year. We have much work ahead of us, and I will continue to count on you. It is very obvious that the work God is doing through Source of Life Ministries couldn’t be done by one man. Your help is essential to me; you are the back bone of the ministry. 

Together God has changed ordinary to extraordinary! Of course, we can’t change the entire world, but hand-in-hand, God is using us to transform lives in Gressier, Haiti. Thank you to every one of you for answering the call of God. 

May God continue to bless you and your family.

Jacques Merine