September 24th, 2019

We try to focus on events and progress at Source of Life Ministries and good things about Haiti and her strong, beautiful people when we share with you. But Haiti is in crisis, and people need to be made aware! Haiti needs prayer!!!

Life has never been easy in Haiti, however conditions have been steadily declining in the country.  If you have followed our posts, you know that there have been many crisis points over the past fourteen months. There are political problems in the government and riots in the streets with roadblocks and burning tires. Automatic weapons are in the hands of street gangs, making certain areas very unsafe.  Inflation is up 20% over the past year, affecting the prices of everything from food to the cost of school and causing businesses to fail and food insecurity to increase. Sadly, conditions for the Haitian people are the worst they have experienced in many years.

The latest crisis has been a nationwide gas and diesel shortage over the past weeks; there has been little to no fuel in the country. This is far more than an inconvenience that causes families to not be able to travel. A fuel crisis is life-threatening for many in Haiti. Approximately 90% of the population do not have any access to electricity, and those who do only have it intermittently. Many businesses depend on power from diesel generators that enable them to pump water, keep food from rotting, etc.  There is little to no fuel for generators. Hospitals and clinics depend on generators to run equipment and refrigerate medications.  Doctors and nurses are unable to get to work.  Very little public transportation, which most Haitians depend on, is running because drivers are unable to get fuel. Schools are closed because teachers can’t get there.  Motorcycle taxi drivers are out of work. The list goes on.

(Translated: The gas won’t rise)      (Demonstrations in Port au Prince)

According to the Miami Herald, “The latest fuel crisis, prompted by low supplies, low cash reserves and a fuel debt that exceeded $130 million at its start four week ago, has turned streets into obstacle courses of flaming barricades, parked cars, and shuttered schools and businesses as employees fail to show and public transport stops running.” 

(Demonstrations in Port au Prince)

Discouragement and despondency have spread. The economy is crippled. People are angry, tired, and frustrated with all the crisis that the country has been experiencing. Many believe Haiti is completely broken and has been forgotten.  There are no quick, easy solutions. Haiti needs a miracle from God.

Thankfully the Source of Life Safe Home is in a remote area that is sheltered from the turbulence on the streets of Haiti. However, conditions in the country have hindered both Jacques and potential mission teams from being able to travel to Haiti this year. Instead of making six trips, Jacques has only been able to make two brief visits to the Home. This breaks his heart and is confusing to the youngest children; they wonder if he doesn’t want to spend time with them anymore!

The Safe Home is functioning almost exclusively on solar power right now.  This past week, they ran out of fuel for the generator (which pumps water and helps charge batteries for power). Rose was able to buy ONE gallon of fuel for $14US. It has already been used in the generator, and she has no idea if or where she can buy any more!

We ask you to PRAY FOR HAITI. These are real people experiencing desperate problems and situations that cause great suffering. As we pray, let’s declare the positive things that are needed in the nation of Haiti. Pray for just and wise people to lead the country.  Pray for peace to reign in the streets and that people will be able to move about in safety. Pray that children will be fed nourishing food and receive a good education. Pray that jobs will be created. Pray that hearts will be lifted out of despair and become encouraged. Pray that Haiti will be raised up as an example of the mighty delivering power of God.

Photos used by permission: Karen Bultje