August 15, 2019

Abigaelle, our newest family member! (With Jacques, July 2019)

Today we are looking back to the beginning of our Children’s Home and tracing the major milestones of our ministry from 2009 to 2019.  Wow!!!  We are praising God for each step He has enabled us to take as His love is being shared with 17 children and now with the community of Gressier and beyond!!!  Thank-you to each one of you for helping us by praying, giving financially, and visiting our ministry!!!  May God continue to use Source of Life Ministries as you support the work He is doing in Gressier, Haiti.

Source of Life Ministries MILESTONES

  • 2009 – Founded the Children’s Home: Our primary focus is to provide a safe and loving environment for our children, nourishing food and education in a Christ-centered community.
  • 2013 – Moved the Children’s Home to our location in Gressier with 11 children, fulfilling Jean’s vision for the home.
  • 2014 – Security Wall started;
    • Annual Community Soccer Camp began;
    • Rescued Alex and Suzie.
  • 2015-2016 – Two new dormitories built.
  • 2017 – Community church completed;
    • Rescued Carla and Naika, making a total of 15 children at the home;
    • Held our First Vacation Bible School for the local community with 148 attending;
    • Hosted “Hungry Souls” ministry, started to provide basic food packages monthly to our poorest church members.
  • 2018 –  The Security Wall completed;
    • Children’s Pavilion built;
    • Erected the walls for our Guest House;
    • Rescued Farleine, making a total of 16 children at the home;
    • Ladies’ event held at the church;
    • Bible Distributions;
    • Second well drilled to provide water for the Guest House, church and Pavilion;
    • Completed storage depot.
  • 2019 –  Rescued Abigaelle, our newest family member; her addition makes 17 children now at the home;
    • Kitchen enlarged with new cookstove and workspace for the ladies on staff;
    • Shipped solar panels and inverters for the Guest House, which is now our main project.
Guest House construction, September 2018
Additional Guest House construction, September 2018

Guest House construction, September 2018

Our Plans & Goals:

  • Complete construction and outfitting for our Guest House to host our many Mission Trip visitors and provide a potential source of revenue for the Ministry.  THIS IS NOW OUR PRIMARY PROJECT; however we experienced some delays in 2019.
  • God provided us with a future vision to train Haitian volunteers to coach Haitian women and mothers-to-be regarding subjects like nutrition, signs/symptoms of health issues during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more. 
  • We believe God is leading us to begin helping Haitians toward self-sufficiency in their own micro-businesses.  We plan to offer small business training and “seed” money to get started.  Training materials have already been sent and translated into Haitian Creole.  Our goal is to create self-sustaining means to improve both lives and livelihoods in the community.
Source of Life Ministries Children and staff, Summer 2019

Needs of Source of Life Ministries:

  • Your prayers for each child and every aspect of our work and mission in Haiti;
  • Monthly Sponsors for the ministry;
  • Host a fund-raising event or volunteer on a fund-raising committee;
  • One-time financial gifts and the benefits of your experience and volunteer time;
  • Organize a mission trip for your group; we can help you plan it!
  • Spread the news to your friends by sharing your love for Source of Life Ministries, invite us to your meeting;
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and Facebook page.