You will remember that Jacques’ brother, Jean Erol Merine started Source of Life Ministries with Jacques help from the USA. After Jean’s murder, Jacques felt called to take over the reins of the ministry.

Haiti has become basically “closed” to missionaries; Jacques has reached sixty years of age, causing him to realize there may need to be another plan in place for leading the home in years to come Of course God knew that!

 God has been working in the heart of young Marvens, Jean’s oldest son, and has placed a call upon his heart to eventually lead the home. And God has been opening doors for him. 

  • First, he began taking college courses in Jacmel, Haiti. 
  • Then the door opened for him to come to the USA under the two-year Humanitarian Parole program of the Biden Administration. His sponsor applied, and he received approval a couple of months ago.

As soon as approval was received, the wheels were set in motion for him to fly to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He has been with the extended Merine family there until some final paperwork was completed. Now he has flown to New Jersey, where Jacques & Marie picked him up. He will be living with them in Gettysburg while he attends college.

  • Marvens is accepted at Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), and plans to take the Business Administration course. While he is with Jacques and Marie, Jacques will also be mentoring Marvens in preparation for one day being a leader of Source of Life Ministries.

 Prayer Requests:

  1. Marvens needs his social security number to be issued by the SS Administration. He cannot begin classes until his SSN is in hand. 
  2. After he receives his SSN, he needs to apply for a work permit, so he can get a job while he is here and going to college.
  3. He will also need to get a driver’s license. 

Experience arriving in the USA

When asked how he felt arriving in the USA, Marvens said he was “Happy to be here.” Then he said that each of the first mornings he was here, he would look out the window and remind himself, “This is REAL!” Can you imagine a twenty-year-old Haitian young man stepping from Haiti into the USA? It had to feel like a dream at first.

We will try to keep you updated about the progress Marvens makes as he waits for his SSN and starts college, gets a job, and a driver’s license. Please pray for him as he navigates this “new world.” God has truly blessed him by taking him from Haiti and planting him in the USA to learn skills to help lead Source of Life Ministries.