July 16, 2019


I would like to introduce you to a potential new member of the Source of Life Ministries’ family.  Her name is Abigaelle.  She is 6 years old and will turn 7 in December. She currently lives with her mother and one older brother in the Lambi 3 zone, Route National #2 on the way to Gressier.  Abigaelle has some other older brothers, but they are not living nearby.

Abigaelle’s mother is unable to provide for the needs of her family.  Though her father is alive, he is not living with Abigaelle and her mother.  Earlier in her life, whenever her father remembered to stop by, he generally gave Abigaelle’s mother $70 Haitian, which is equal to about $4 US in today’s exchange rate. Afterward he would disappear for months at a time, then he completely stopped showing up.

According to her mother, Abigaelle could go DAYS without anything to eat, except for a little bit of food given to her by neighbors. When she found herself without food, Abigaelle would walk through the neighborhood to find help! Although most neighbors don’t have enough food for their own families, they would try to give her a little to eat.

This little girl has experienced dire circumstances in her young life. When it rains, she has to stay inside their little tent shack, but water comes through everywhere. They have to battle with all kinds of insects, including snakes and spiders, because they clearly can get inside with no problem.

At some point, little Abigaelle started going to pre-school (the school system is set up for children to go through 3 years of pre-school in Haiti), but she could not continue due to their financial circumstances.

Last year, an employee of Source of Life Ministries made a request on behalf of Abigaelle for her to be accepted into the home. This employee has witnessed what this precious child has to go through to find something to eat and had been trying to support her.

After our investigation, we found that she is eligible to join the other children at our home. Source of Life Ministries has a legal procedure to follow before bringing a new child to the home. While I am in Haiti, we are working through that process.  We expect to be able to bring her into her new family after that process is completed.

Please begin to pray for Abigaelle!!!  Pray that we will be able to successfully complete all the legal requirements.  Currently, she is living in the most dangerous area of Haiti; pray that God’s grace will continue to cover her until we can bring her home!

Once again, thank-you for your prayers and your support.  It is very obvious that without your help, we could not reach and change the lives of so many children.


Jacques Merine