While it has been much too long since we’ve sent out regular emails, we certainly haven’t forgotten our friends and partners! Sadly, Haiti has not shown signs of improvement, but gratefully Source of Life Ministries continues to be safe and is continuing to thrive.

The 2021-22 school year ended in June, and we anxiously awaited the results of the government exams some of our children had to take. Finally a week before the scheduled new school year, we had all the results. Did you notice we said the “scheduled” new school year? The 2022-23 year was to begin September 5th, but one week before, a one-month delay was announced with basically no explanation.              

There were assumptions that the delay was due to conditions in the country with gangs, lack of fuel, inflation, etc. To date, there has been no update from the government, so we are uncertain whether the school will actually resume on October 3rd as announced. We will post updates on our Facebook page as we receive them.

A very important element of school in Haiti is the final exam process. Students must pass a year-end final test in order to progress to another grade the following year. Our 9th grade and Philo students (equivalent to 13th grade) all took three-day exams proctored by the government.

Prayer Request

Compère and Nerlande both took the 9th-grade exam. Thankfully Compère passed and will progress to 10th grade; however, Nerlande was not able to pass the exam. Nerlande was born with a physical disability (double hip dysplasia) and has exhibited some learning disabilities as well. She will be repeating 9th grade. If God lays her on your heart, will you pray for Nerlande this school year? In order for her to consider moving on to a technical school, she must have a 9th-grade certificate.


We congratulate Wood who passed his final exam, which entitled him to the diploma for completing high school. We cannot emphasize enough that the Philo exam is not an easy one to pass! It is common for students to take this exam more than once before passing. 

Many Thanks

Though Haiti’s constitution states that education should be offered free to all people, they have never been able to reach that goal!  Statistics say that private schools run by various ministries and organizations account for at least 80% of the total enrollments.  That means that if a child goes to school, someone must pay the tuition, and many Haitian parents are not financially able to do this!

Source of Life Ministries has been blessed again this year with a donation from Haitian Christian Projects and Freedom Church, covering all the expenses for our children to attend school: tuition, uniforms (required by the government), and books. We want to express our heartfelt thanks for the generosity of everyone who contributes to the ministries of Haitian Christian Projects. You are a blessing to our children!

Exciting News

We have two high school graduates who are taking steps to begin college! After discovering that there is a branch campus of Université Notre Dame d’Haïti in a city west of our children’s home, Clauder and Wood began working on plans to enroll in fall classes at the university. Clauder would like to study Business Management, and Wood would like to study Law. Gratefully, God provided a Christian young man who lives in that town and is willing to help guide them to the college and in locating an apartment to rent. 

At this time, Clauder and Wood need our prayers; their plans have had to be put on hold. Conditions in Haiti have become too dangerous for the boys to attempt to travel to the university due to protesting that began a couple of weeks ago and escalated this past week. 

Message from Jacques Merine

We want to thank everyone for your support and your willingness to help us spiritually and financially with the home. Despite all that Haiti is going through, our children are always doing well by the grace of God. 

We look forward to continuing working with you, and we count on your prayers and your support. It is very obvious that without your help, we wouldn’t be able to make such an impact in these children’s lives. May God continue to bless you physically, spiritually, and financially.