“Please continue to pray with me for the Lord to open the door for me to return to Haiti and for us to begin to plan team trips again.” – Jacques Merine

Gratefully, I can report that our ministry to the children at our safe house and to the community through our church is continuing despite all the negative situations that have been faced in Haiti over the past two years. The children are doing well, and they are safe. Thank God for electronic technology that makes it possible for me to continue guiding the staff in every aspect of the safe house operations on a daily basis. I am able to keep very close contact with the staff and receive reports about everything that is happening. (This picture is from Father’s Day. It says: “Happy Father’s Day Daddy. In our lives, you are a Kingdom Father.”)

I praise God for His direction to invite Sony to be part of the SLM staff at the exact time needed. The children and staff all know he is in charge, and he is doing an excellent job. He and I are in constant contact as I guide him in daily operations. Sony does not hesitate to contact me about anything that he is not sure how to handle, whether it is 5:00 am or 10:00 pm! He knows I am available to him 24/7.

It has now been one year since I have personally been able to safely travel to Haiti, and it will soon be two years since teams have been able to travel there. This is not happening exclusively to Source of Life Ministries; very, very few people have been able to do short-term mission work for any ministry in Haiti, and very few long-term missionaries have remained in the country. I’m sure you remember us reporting about the violent political demonstrations and dangerous gang activity that caused the country to be in lock-down during 2019, then an outbreak of kidnapping for ransom began in early 2020. When the coronavirus reached the country in March, the president closed the borders. There is very little testing, treatment, or information available to many people. In addition, another political lock-down appears to be imminent for February 2021 regarding a disagreement about the ending date of the president’s term of office. To date, there has been no overall improvement in Haiti. Pray for the country; only God’s power can bring deliverance.

Source of Life Ministries continues to move forward despite the set-backs in being able to travel to Haiti. As a ministry, we are not moving backward, but we are experiencing a significant delay in projects. Please continue to pray with me for the Lord to open the door for me to return to Haiti and for us to begin to plan team trips again. Specifically I am praying that God will open the door for me to personally make a trip before the end of 2020.

These pictures of the guest house shows Natasha and the older boys at our home replacing the 2 x 4 supports for the walls. It has been 21 months since the guest house walls were erected (September 2018), so the 2 x 4’s that we’re temporarily used as supports had become rotten from the weather. Praise God for Natasha’s skills and the willing help of the guys!

Earlier this year, I shared the story with you of the unusual process of bringing little Esther into the SLM family. This was the first time I was not present to investigate a child’s living condition and complete the legal process myself. Sony completed the process with direction from me and the SLM attorney. Esther has been part of the family for six months now although I have not yet meet her! My heart is full of praise to God for what He is doing in her life as she is “Living under God’s Grace!” 

I am eternally grateful for every person who is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our ministry in Haiti. Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue raising our children and ministering in Gressier, Haiti!!!

God bless each of you,
Jacques Merine, Founder