As I stand at the beginning of this New Year, I want to express thanks to you and honor God for His faithfulness.

In spite of all the devastation the nation of Haiti experienced in 2021, my first priority is to praise God for His goodness. Our children and staff have lived with the turmoil surrounding them, yet not one has been scratched. THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL “SPECIAL DIVINE PROTECTION.” I stand amazed, speechless, and in awe of Almighty God. Would you join me today in giving honor and praise to God? 

As you know, Haiti has struggled for years, but the last few years have been worse than any I have seen in my lifetime. We continue to pray for the devil’s grip to be loosed from the neck of the nation’s future. Her people deserve to live in peace. Her children deserve to be able to use their God-given talents and skills to their fullest extent.

I don’t want to miss this opportunity to thank all of you for your kindness, love, and compassionate hearts for our Source of Life children. Though we are all facing hardships here in the USA, you came through financially supporting our work in Haiti. THANK YOU! I promise you that I will always make sure your support is used exactly as you have designated it.

It has been two and a half years since I have been able to spend time in Haiti with our children. I assure you that I am still working as hard as ever to make sure everything is done properly at the children’s home and the church. I spend much time every day in communication with the staff members, and they know that I am available to them at any moment of the day or night! 

I never expected to need to manage the ministry from a distance, but I can see that God perfectly filled each staff position in preparation for my absence. In Haiti, it can be very hard to find honest and trustworthy adults to be with the children, so I never want to take our staff for granted. We are blessed to have godly men and women who view their jobs as a ministry and faithfully carry out their responsibilities around the clock every day of the year. 

If you follow all of the beautiful posts Sherry makes on Facebook and our website, I believe you have seen that the work of Source of Life Ministries has continued to make a difference in the lives of our children, the community, and beyond. We are sharing a recap of the year in pictures and believe they speak for themselves of the work God is accomplishing through SLM and our faithful partners!

Pray for the door to Haiti to reopen. There is much work waiting for us to carry on. Continue to pray for Haiti; we know that in the Old Testament, God delivered His people out of Egypt, and He can bring Haiti out of this deep dark hole too. 

As always, I count on both your prayers and financial support. By myself, I am weak. But together, we are strong. I look forward to continuing together to touch many more unfortunate lives. May God continue to bless you spiritually, physically, and financially. Have a blessed new year with your families.

Jacques Merine

2021 in Pictures: