When the “door” for safe travel to Haiti first closed over three years ago, we didn’t know how it would affect our ministry at SLM. Though our hearts still long to be able to GO to Haiti, we have seen our children, staff, and church leaders continuing the calling of God in Gressier, Haiti.

An important goal of Source of Life Ministries has been to train our children to think of other people who are less fortunate than them. That goal is being fulfilled before our eyes! The following stories are only some of the examples that have occurred during our absence in Haiti.

After the 2021 earthquake

Guerby (one of our older boys) contacted Jacques with his desire to help people he had never met in southern Haiti. He asked himself, “if it was me who was in their place, how would it be?” He had saved 100 USD and asked if we could match his funds. Because of generous donors who added hundreds of dollars to Guerby’s small savings, he and a group of trusted friends were able to buy and package life-sustaining products that were sent to the area of Les Cayes in southern Haiti.

Later Guerby said, “Papi (Daddy) Jacques always teaches me: As long as you have, you share, and God will always give to you, and He will continue to make you successful in your life!!” 

After observing a classmate,

 Nerlande sent a tearful voice message to Jacques asking if there was any way to help her friend at school. In circumstances like this, either Harold or Sony goes to investigate the situation and reports their findings to Jacques. 

It was learned that this girl was near Nerlande’s age. Her school uniform was almost tearing apart from being worn for several years, and her shoes barely provided any protection for her feet. Because her parents could not pay her tuition bill, the school would not be able to allow her to return the following semester, nor would she be able to take the official 9th-grade exam that is required and administered by the government. 

An anonymous donor decided to cover the costs of this student’s tuition, uniform, and books for the past two school years, which is approximately 400 USD per year. She was able to finish her school year and take the 9th-grade final exam, receiving the highest grade in her class! Just think; this intelligent girl would not have been able to continue receiving an education if Nerlande did not have a heart of compassion!

Nerlande’s story is only one example of our children stepping up to ask for help for those less fortunate than they are. The seeds we have sown are produced through their lives!

A Disciple Maker

Clauder has recently begun to disciple two young men from the community. One is already married, and the other is a single young man. These are acquaintances of Clauder who have never attended church.  Clauder felt God’s Spirit prompting his heart to invite them to get together to talk. They agreed to meet with him at the church building. When they met, Clauder told them he wanted to tell them about Jesus, and they both agreed to continue meeting every Sunday at 5:00 pm.

Clauder is truly a disciple: someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and is committed to the mission of leading others to do the same! Clauder’s goal is to use his Bible to teach these young men the story of God’s plan to save humanity through His Son Jesus. His prayer is that this will lead them to accept Jesus as their Savior!

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Matthew 4:19

For thirteen years, Source of Life Ministries has faithfully planted, watered, and nurtured the Gospel in the lives of our children. The vision of our ministry has been unfolding before our eyes though we are not even able to spend time face-to-face with them!

We give God all the Glory!