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Tafana’s Journey Continues

A Lesson in Gratitude This month, as we bring our website and our email subscribers up-to-date concerning Tafana’s journey, we encourage each one of us to consider how blessed we are to be living in the United States of America! May we keep that thought in mind as we...

Journey to Save Tafana’s Life

Perhaps you have seen pictures of Mamoune and Tafana posted previously on our Facebook page. Mamoune is a “strong, determined, beautiful, sweet” woman who found herself homeless in Haiti, which meant she and her daughter, Tafana, slept under trees in Gressier. Then...

Source of Life Update – 6/29/20

“Please continue to pray with me for the Lord to open the door for me to return to Haiti and for us to begin to plan team trips again.” – Jacques Merine Gratefully, I can report that our ministry to the children at our safe house and to the community through our...

A Father’s Day Tribute to Jacques Merine

When should a person be honored? “It is not when a person dies for you to know his worth, for you to tell him how much you loved him. It is while that person is living that you should tell him how much you love him. Because when he dies, he no longer has breath, and...



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