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The CURRENCY CRISIS in Haiti Continues…

For the past eight months, SLM has spent nearly twice as much money each month to operate the children’s home! When the currency crisis first happened, we had hoped the situation would eventually stabilize, but it does not appear there will be any improvement in the...

Tafana’s Journey in Therapy

In our last blog, we told the history and events that led to Mamoune becoming one of the Source of Life employees. It was Mamoune’s sweet daughter, Tafana, who became gravely ill on July 3, 2020, leading to surgery in Haiti to remove a large tumor from her brain. ...

God Changed Ordinary to Extraordinary

A Story from Jacques Friends, sometimes a person thinks, “I can’t change the world.” Yes, absolutely I agree. No one person can change the entire world. But today I want to tell you an amazing story about someone many of you have already met.  Together we can...



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