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While it has been much too long since we’ve sent out regular emails, we certainly haven’t forgotten our friends and partners! Sadly, Haiti has not shown signs of improvement, but gratefully Source of Life Ministries continues to be safe and is continuing to thrive....

Can you call ‘911’ in Haiti?

Answer: No It is hard for most of us to understand the poor state of Haiti’s infrastructure, and what does a Haitian do in an emergency when "911" does not exist? As our pictures show, there is a wall and gates around our children's home. THAT is our "911." If you...

The Seeds SLM Has Sown

When the “door” for safe travel to Haiti first closed over three years ago, we didn’t know how it would affect our ministry at SLM. Though our hearts still long to be able to GO to Haiti, we have seen our children, staff, and church leaders continuing the calling of...

Continuing Education

From time to time, we mention that many of our children will not graduate from high school as early as teens here in the USA. That can happen when a child did not have the opportunity to begin school at the proper age. Other causes can be difficulty in learning or the...


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