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God Changed Ordinary to Extraordinary

A Story from Jacques Friends, sometimes a person thinks, “I can’t change the world.” Yes, absolutely I agree. No one person can change the entire world. But today I want to tell you an amazing story about someone many of you have already met.  Together we can...

SLM Celebrates 12 Year Anniversary – Part Three

ThirstySouls Provides Seed Money ThirstySouls Ministries provided the original $5000 to launch the ministry to begin rescuing children from the streets of Port-au-Prince Haiti. With this “seed money,” Jacques and his brother Jean Erol were able to establish Source of...

SLM Celebrates 12 Year Anniversary – Part Two

ThirstySouls Ministries Emerged Eventually Vern Annis left his pastorate at Calvary Assembly, but he developed a close friendship with Jacques and Marie Merine and continued helping with the work in Haiti. It was this relationship that stirred Pastor Vern and his wife...

SLM Celebrates 12 Year Anniversary

What is ThirstySouls Ministries & What is their connection to Source of Life? From time-to-time, you hear us mention ThirstySouls Ministries. Our Facebook fundraiser links always say, “ThirstySouls Ministries,” the donation letters you receive from us reference...



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