July 15th, 2019

News from Jacques in Haiti:

Dear friends of Source of Life Ministries, I would like to thank you so much for your prayers and your continuing support for Source of Life Ministries. After 5 months away from the children, I finally made it back to the home in Gressier a week ago. Due to my safety on the ground in Haiti, I didn’t want to announce my travel schedule.

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I am reaching out to ask EVERY one of you to continue to PRAY for Haiti because it is an extremely hopeless situation for the families here. Contrary to the conditions in much of Haiti, the situation at our location is still safe, and our children are still functioning as normal. I truly believe the home is covered by the blood of Jesus; it is a special gift from above. As of July 2019, the inflation is up to 20% compared to 17% in May!!!

On July 4th, when I arrived at the home, I received lots and lots of hugs and kisses; everyone desperately missed me, and they were so happy to see me. I would like to let everyone of you know that YOU ARE ALSO MISSED by the children. They wondered if you will come back one day to visit them. My answer to them is “yes.” I explained to them why there have been no mission trips yet this year. I told the children that the safety of our supporters is the most important issue for me. Please continue to pray for Haiti, and I will keep you posted when the time arrives that you can safely travel to the home.

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Friends, I’m asking you for a special favor: Would you please pray for Haiti?? I know there are troubles all over the world, but the situation is out of control in Haiti. I don’t think human beings will be able to control this situation. I have heard and seen things that I’ve never witnessed in the Haitian culture. Life has completely changed. I do believe only God can change things here. Life has no value anymore; the government is not governing; it is a lawless land.

I graciously want to thank God for rescuing these children and placing them here under His cover. At this time, Haiti is not safe. Many missionaries have left Haiti under the current ongoing situations. This has hurt many families because people depended on missionaries to feed their families.

As always, I want to thank you for supporting our ministry. We wouldn’t be able to have such a big impact upon these children’s lives if it were not for your support!!. I will continue to count on you to help reach more children.  Once again, thank-you for your prayers!